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Frequently Asked Questions

 See below answers to our most commonly asked questions regarding Taxis, Lost Property and Booking options.


“Is it worth pre-ordering a taxi?”

Most definitely! This will then allow our customer service team give our taxi drivers plenty of notice by including your order on a prospects screen.

“I pre-ordered my taxi, however it is still running late. Why is this?”

There are a number of influences that can affect the response rate of a taxi.

  • Taxis drivers can receive a job through many channels; pick up rank, hail work and requests by direct mobile phone.
  • Change of destination by the customer.
  • Driver kept waiting at a previous job request.
  • Previous customer not at the pick-up location as they have hailed another taxi whilst waiting.
  • Poor weather.
  • High demand due to an event therefore impacting the availability of a taxi.

“Can Suburban Taxis tell the driver to only take orders requested by the call centre?”

No we cannot. Suburban Taxis do not own the taxi nor employ the drivers. Taxi drivers are self-employed individuals who are contracted to the taxi operator; who subscribes to access the orders placed through the call centre.


“What career options does Suburban Taxi offer?”

Suburban is proud of its reputation for offering an exciting work environment with room to grow for employees, vehicle operators and drivers. Our focus is clear. We care about you and your business. View more on the Careers Page here


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