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Lost Property

It’s not unusual for people to accidentally leave important items behind in taxis, so please do not panic, as, in most cases, they are returned safely to their owner.

Please write down:

  • A description and details of the lost property;
  • The approximate time and date which the property was lost. If you recall the time you made the booking with Suburban Transport Services and the address from which you made the booking, or alternatively if you caught the taxi from a rank, the time you got into the car and where would help us greatly;
  • The licence or registration number of the taxi – this is not essential, but it would certainly help;*Please note:
Policy - as instructed by the Passenger Transport Division of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), is that all lost property must be administered by the South Australian Police Department. This requires taxi drivers to deliver all lost property to any 24 hour police station in the metropolitan area. These police stations have a computer property management system, so they will be able to check for the lost item.

Be patient as it takes time, especially considering we take in excess of 4,000 bookings a day. We will endeavour to do our best to locate your property by placing a call over our network system to establish if the driver has your lost property on board or has dropped it off at a Police Station.

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Lost Property
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