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Lost Property

To place a lost property claim, please call our Customer Service Centre on (08) 8633 1888. Lost property is usually handed into the local Police Station within 24 – 48 hours of being located. 


Regular individual taxi users and local businesses are eligible to apply for a Suburban Taxis Port Pirie account. Account holders will receive a monthly invoice for an administration fee of 5%.

For an account application form, please contact the Suburban Taxis Port Pirie Account Manager on 0476 817 482.

Automatic booking system

Suburban Taxis Port Pirie has invested in automatic booking systems which are programmed to store each customer's phone number and address. The automatic booking system recognises a customer's phone number and uses a keypad menu to enable quick bookings.

To change a stored address, please call our Customer Service Centre on (08) 8633 1888.

Fare estimates and quotes

To obtain a quote or fare estimate, please call our Customer Service Centre on (08) 8633 1888 – we will then provide you with a rough estimate of your fare. 

Ultimately, a fare will be influenced by the type of vehicle, the time of day the trip will be taken and traffic conditions.

Quotes are to be used as a guide only; customers are encouraged to ask the driver for a fare estimation before commencing their trip.

Credit card surcharges

All Suburban Taxi Port Pirie taxis are fitted with a Cabcharge electronic payment system. When passengers pay via these electronic payment systems, Cabcharge charges the cardholder a transaction fee of 10% or $2, whichever is greater, to cover the cost of providing the service.  This surcharge is added automatically by Cabcharge, so neither your driver nor Suburban Taxis Port Pirie is able to remove this 10% surcharge.

Feedback for our drivers

If you would like to provide feedback for your Suburban Taxis Port Pirie driver, please contact our Customer Service Centre on (08) 8633 1888. All complaints and commendations will be recorded on our system and processed by our Customer Service Managers.

Serious complaints may be actioned immediately, should the situation be warranted.  If complaints are of a criminal nature, customers are advised to contact their closest police station.



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